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Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley

Gras Valley STRATUS for Smaller Budgets

News production professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver more content in less time, making that content available on-air, online or via other channels. Grass Valley therefore offers new STRATUS News Bundles to meet the needs of news professionals with smaller budgets while delivering high functionality, including seamless integration of proxy editing and advanced workflow management.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to news production,” noted Mike Cronk (photo), senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “Our scalable approach with GV STRATUS for news production mirrors our commitment to making all of our solutions ‘Future Ready’—but at a reduced cost of entry.”

GV STRATUS is a modular video production and content management toolset, based on K2 media servers and storage, which embraces content ingest, editing, distribution, and archive and retrieval management, all tightly integrated via the MOS protocol with popular newsroom computer systems. Customers benefit from the efficiency of GV STRATUS through workflow automation, ease of use and scalability.

GV STRATUS stands out from the competition by bringing the full resources of the newsroom to the field so producers can get stories to air faster. With an extremely efficient proxy workflow, users can mix and move low-resolution and high-resolution assets—including so-called “wild files” from citizen journalists—across multiple sites, and perform full editing in the field with EDIUS XS, which is included as standard in both News Bundles.

The two new GV STRATUS News Bundles comprise:

  • News Bundle Express—2x bidirectional I/O, 600 GB storage
  • News Bundle Pro—4x bidirectional I/O, 7.2 TB storage

Each package—which supports up to 20 users/editors—is suitable for small newsrooms or other shared editing environments with smaller budgets.

“The public expects fast access to breaking news, whether on a TV, computer or mobile device, so newsroom managers need tools that make it easy to tell better stories and get them out for distribution quickly,” concluded Cronk. “The two new GV STRATUS bundles directly address those needs.” (8/15)


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