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HBS and EVS team up for Brazil

HBS and EVS team up for Brazil

HBS, a subsidiary of Infront Sports & Media in Switzerland, designs and runs the entire host broadcast operation for the 2014 FIFA Wold Cup in Brazil. Long-time partner EVS from Belgium will provide technologies, including live multi-format production tools, central media exchange and multimedia distribution platforms.

During last IBC show in September, Francis Tellier (CEO of HBS) and Joop Janssen (CEO of EVS) were celebrating 15 years of collaboration and the reinforcement of their collaboration for the soccer events in Brazil this summer (photo). HBS will provide the broadcast feed from all 12 event venues, covering 64 matches. The broadcast infrastructure includes live production at the different venues across Brazil, a centralised broadcast media server and file-based media sharing systems, and a new multimedia distribution platform.

For each venue, around 16 XT3 servers from EVS will be used for replays, highlight edits, graphic insertion, clip creation and content management. The IPDirector production asset management suite will drive all highlights packages. The compilation of all the best clips will be handled by the new MultiReview solution and then will be made available to FIFA’s Media Rights Licensees (MRLs). 36 Adobe Premiere stations, along with EVS’ IPLink plugin panel, will be used to create final edits of updates, promos, behind the scenes footage and multimedia packages. The Epsio FX system will be deployed for on air graphic insertion.

The FIFA Max centralised broadcast media server and EVS-enabled file-based media sharing systems will allow production teams at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), as well as in their home-country headquarters, to access content for further editing and broadcast. HBS is also delivering expanded and enhanced content services across all multimedia platforms for the World Cup. FIFA’s MRLs will have access to exclusive content for delivery to smartphones and tablets via their own second screen apps.

Based on EVS’ C-Cast technology, the distribution platform will connect HBS’ live production infrastructures to a central cloud-based platform, aggregating live streams, multi-angles clips, stats, and social network feeds. This content will then be distributed to affiliate broadcasters, who in turn can make it available to their own viewers. (3/14)


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