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4K truck for BT TVOB

4K truck for BT TVOB

Megahertz has reconfigured an HD-built link truck into a 4K Ultra HD vehicle for BT TVOB, the service provider arm of BT Media and Broadcast. The truck, which has been on the road since April this year, will be on show for the first time at IBC 2014 (stand 11.F20).

BT TVOB provides a delivery service from all the major sporting and event locations in the UK, via fibre and satellite, to broadcasters and production company headquarters. Designers of British company Megahertz worked with BT on a new truck, based on Mercedes Sprinter van. Since April this year, the vehicle called TES 51 has been used to cover numerous HD sports productions as well as running 4K UHD trials.
According to a press release, the BT truck sits alongside the outside broadcast production vehicle, accepting multiple feeds which are then compressed, multiplexed and fed to the broadcaster via the BT Tower in London. The design included custom coachwork, and the technical area includes a 96 port Snell router capable of handling a mixture of 4K, 3Gb/s and HD baseband signals, and ASI transport streams. In the configuration for IBC, 4K signals are compressed using advanced encoders from NTT.
Multiple signals are monitored via a 4K Evertz multi-viewer and on to a Sony 4K screen, with two HD Plura monitors for additional qualitative signal monitoring and an HD Phabrix for test signal generation and checking. The truck supports up to sixteen fibre links in HD mode, or one 4K Ultra HD and eight HD links, using the intelligent video networking platform (IVNP) and BT’s core MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) network.
The truck can also act as a satellite uplink, with a fully motorised 1.8m AVL dish equipped with two 400W amplifiers, phase combined, allowing several HD carriers to be uplinked simultaneously. Both fibre and satellite links can be used at the same time, boosting still further the capacity to send multiple feeds from the venue to the studio. The vehicle carries its own 12kVA diesel generator, as well as heating and air conditioning to ensure the crew and equipment are comfortable at all times of the year.
"We have long confidence in Megahertz to deliver advanced projects like this, and TES 51 has proved itself in delivering trials with 4K signals, which means handling, compressing and maintaining quality on 12Gb/s data streams," said Neil Huggins, senior product manager at BT Media and Broadcast.
Jon Flay, managing director of Megahertz, added: "Our team’s vast experience and our understanding of BT Media and Broadcast’s commercial and operational requirements has enabled us to design and build this new 4K Ultra HD vehicle." (9/14)


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