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GENESIX VideoServer

Israel´s Keshet produces with GENESIX VideoServers

To meet the needs of the new reality show titled “2025” produced by TV broadcaster giant Keshet International Tel Aviv, STRYME deployed three HD/4K UHD state-of-the-art 2U GENESIX VideoServers.

Behind the scenes, top-notch reality shows rely on uninterrupted recordings from multi-camera setups, on failsafe video servers and smooth 24/7 operations. For Keshet International, one of Israel's largest media companies with an international network of production companies and distribution hubs, this is key to the success of quality content. To meet the needs of the new reality show titled 2025produced by TV broadcaster giant Keshet International Tel Aviv, STRYME deployed three state-of-the-art 2U GENESIX VideoServers, each with four HD channels, and partnered with AVCOM Ltd. The Israeli company is renowned for its first-class equipment, excellent service and elegantly integrated audio-video solutions for the professional broadcast market.

The partnership with AVCOM Ltd. builds on STRYME’s track record of successful international partnerships. It combines the
unmatched advantages of the GENESIX VideoServer with AVCOM’s top-notch portfolio of excellence for broadcasters. For customers like Keshet International this means innovative creative solutions that are ahead of their time.

Technical background:
Two video servers were solely used for the eight-channel Multi-Cam Ingest and 24/7 loop recording of live feeds. Full integration with Avid NEXIS Interplay ensures automatic transfers of clips and video feeds as well as accelerated workflows, making a cutter
s life much easier. GENESIX VideoServers ensure simultaneous and frame-accurate Multi-Cam Ingest, simplify, speed up and optimize workflows.
The third GENESIX VideoServer provides sophisticated ingest and playout functionalities for studio productions in HD/4K UHD quality. GENESIX
s unique compatibility with all kinds of codecs makes smooth integration with third-party systems real easy.

STRYME CEO Goce Zdravkoski sums up: “Our customers expect the best. We provide them with consistent high quality, reliability as well as a sophisticated, cost-effective and failsafe technical solution that meets their needs today and tomorrow. Our 2U GENESIX VideoServers with flexible HD channels fully meet the needs of high-quality reality show. (2/19)

pictured: GENESIX VideoServer ©Stryme


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