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LiveU adopts NewTek NDI for IP production workflow

LiveU adopts NewTek NDI for IP production workflow

LiveU announced its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI) standard for its LU2000 bonded video transceiver. The NDI-enabled LU2000 will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.

LiveU NDI integration enables broadcasters to receive their feeds over IP networks directly from the LiveU LU2000 bonded video transceiver, including automatic discovery of available feeds. This capability enables many new options that have not been possible with standard SDI connections without adding expensive additional hardware and complex routing.

With NDI, broadcasters can now implement a remote production setup with multiple cameras equipped with LiveU field units that communicate back to the studio for true at-home production. This reduces the amount of equipment staff has to transport and eliminates expensive onsite production costs. Back at home base, all NDI integrated equipment, such as the NewTek TriCaster multi-camera video production system, monitors, and graphic overlays all automatically recognize the available NDI channels and can consume the feeds without the challenge of having to include a matrix router, configuring that router, and all the analog SDI cables that would be needed.

This new standard for live production IP workflow is bi-directional and compatible with a large number of products from manufacturers already utilizing NewTek’s open standard allowing IP connectivity between devices and applications.

LiveU Co-founder & COO, Avi Cohen, says: “NewTek is a long-standing partner and we support NDI as the IP standard. In fact, at NAB, we’ll be partnering with NewTek, Panasonic, and to demonstrate the capabilities of NDI-enabled devices in a live studio in our booth.”

LiveU is part of the NewTek Developer Network, an ecosystem of IP-enabled products using the same standard. NDI is now available as a royalty-free software developer kit (SDK) for any company looking to establish IP workflows within its organization, or in production tools and systems it manufactures. (4/16)


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