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MOG announces mCODER
New MOG transcoder mCODER, showcased at IBC 2022

MOG announces mCODER

MOG Technologies announced the introduction of mCODER, a new enhanced model for their own MOG product line, purely focused on transcoding. The mCODER and more new highlights from MOG were showcased at IBC 2022.

mCODER is a software application that can support hundreds of automated workflows, complementing them with enhanced metadata and AI automation. It’s the ideal tool, as MOG announced, for content creators who needs to transcode vast numbers of assets into various kinds of destinations, with a simple and intuitive web UI. It allows to distribute all the media needed, whether they come from Social Media, Card Readers, Cloud, Storage Servers, or FTP into destinations originating from Broadcast, Cable, VOD, and IPTV. 


• Supports hundreds of workflows 
• Compliant with main editorial environments 
• Edit-while-ingest / edit-while growing 
• Enhanced Metadata and AI Automation 
• Supports multiple formats and resolutions 
• Automated Workflows 

With mCORE, users can transcode, auto-index, and work with live and archived content in a cloud-based, platform accessible from anywhere. The application will be available in different models, designed to fit individual workflow needs: 

• Kit Series - Software License 
• Grand Series - High-performance 
• Densu Series - For small spaces 


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