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MOG announces mxfSPEEDRAIL’s mediaSOCIAL

MOG announces mxfSPEEDRAIL’s mediaSOCIAL

MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, announced the introduction of a new enhanced model for mxfSPEEDRAIL central ingest product-line, purely focused on social media ingest and publication.

mediaSOCIAL is a software application that can support multiple social media video content, with up to 4 Live and 4 Vod simultaneous operations. It’s the ideal tool for content creators that need to get media in front of their audience in no time, with a simple and intuitive web UI.

Easily fetch and publish to a wide range of social media channels such as Instagram (IGTV), Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, Vimeo, and Twitter with a simple setup configuration, that allows for graphic burnt-in, and metadata annotation/preservation.


·       Input/Output Social Media Gateway

·       Full featured remote and local user interface

·       Metadata Annotation and Enhancement

·       Closed-Captions

·       Google Chrome Extension

·       Operation modes: manual and automatic

With mediaSOCIAL you can maximize your publishing capability on social media. The application will be available in different models, designed to fit your workflow needs:

·       Software:

o   mediaSOCIAL SW Dual (Two Operations)

o   mediaSOCIAL SW Quad (Four Operations)

·       Densu:

o   mediaSOCIAL Densu

o   Densu mediaSOCIAL Densu-2

·       Standard:

o   mediaSOCIAL

MOG will be presenting mediaSOCIAL and more new developments at their Virtual Event, from September 11th to 30th. A virtual meeting to discover more about MOG’s new Digital Solutions and mediaSOCIA can be booked on the MOG website.


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