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New customer for NVerzion´s NFinity Video Server and Automation
WEIU broadcast control room with NVerzion´s NFinity Video Server and Automation solution

New customer for NVerzion´s NFinity Video Server and Automation Solution

NVerzion, a provider of broadcast automation, TV master control, and video server solutions, presents at the 2023 NAB Show (booth W3215) its NFinity Video Server and Automation Systems. Latest customer installing an NFinity solution is Eastern Illinois University WEIU, upgrading its broadcast facility.

WEIU needed a new Master Control system after twenty years of NVerzion automation use, and as part of the expansion, the station upgraded to NVerzion’s NFinity Broadcast Video Server and Automation. Though WEIU’s video content originates from multiple sources, all material is funneled through the NVerzion video server and automation system, which lies at the heart of the station’s master control.

WEIU has experienced considerable innovation and change, from standard to high definition, to today’s ever evolving file format migrations. Since NVerzion’s system is multi-format capable, the facility can move through format transitions more smoothly. This flexibility has enabled future-proofing that’s important to WEIU when faced with new technology, software upgrades, and equipment acquisition. Previous compatibility issues that required equipment replacement are better addressed with NVerzion’s ability to incorporate varying technologies and file formats.

Since NVerzion’s hardware is not proprietary, basic part replacement such as hard drive upgrades and power supply swaps are simple and cost-effective, allowing users to take advantage of commodity pricing when needed. Inevitable parts replacement over extended periods can be simplified with less expensive components if necessary. In addition to the customer support commitment, WEIU made the decision to maintain ties with NVerzion based on the equipment quality and modest pricing that NVerzion was ultimately able to deliver. The equipment integration with WEIU’s existing hardware was seamless – SD to HD and serial digital interface transitions were quickly managed within NFinity’s IP infrastructure.

24/7 customer support is critical for WEIU’s engineering team. Station personnel tasked with managing the facility’s master control don’t have the luxury of wait times when problems arise, particularly for a system at the heart of the master control operation. Quality, long-term support is one of the primary reasons WEIU decided to maintain the relationship with NVerzion.

WEIU and NVerzion have a well-established partnership from a developmental standpoint, with strong interaction and personal assistance during critical periods. The NVerzion team has customized new feature sets when the facility has requested modifications, and the importance of one-to-one contact is vital to WEIU as needs evolve.

“I’m a firm believer in quality and immediate support, and NVerzion’s service and attention is second to none,” said Kevin Armstrong, Chief Engineer at WEIU. “Their products are well thought out. The team designs features by taking real-world situations into account. NVerzion’s crew does a great job addressing any unique needs we may encounter, in short order. They offer a high-quality product at an excellent price point.”

“We recognized the need to bring WEIU into the 2020’s with a cutting-edge hardware and software upgrade,” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. “It is very rewarding to have an installation such as WEIU for over two decades, which says a lot for them to take advantage of our latest technology and continued partnership. Our Automation package and NFinity Video Server will offer WEIU an exceptional end result and a great continued relationship going forward.”


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