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New Synapse modules for real-time UHD and HDR processing

New Synapse modules for real-time UHD and HDR processing

EVS has developed with UXU500-510 and U4T200-240 two new Synapse modules enabling real-time processing of modern standards like UHD and HDR. Highly versatile and integrating many functions, these modules will ease your conversion challenges for high-quality, multi-format productions.

UXU500-510 is an SDI up/down/cross converter module designed to convert from and to various SD, HD or UHD formats and enabling HDR <> SDR conversion based on LUTs. This module also features an aspect ratio converter, a frame synchronizer, a color corrector and optionally a 48x48 audio shuffler and 16 channels of gain, phase and delay processing.

The U4T200-240 module features four frame synchronizers, color correctors, data inserters, two embedders and de-embedders and a four-quadrant LUT-based HDR<>SDR converter. It can also handle Dolby E signals internally, making this card a very powerful and versatile UHD toolbox that will ease all the challenges of your four-wire production setups.


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