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SPORTZCAST to showcase a gamechanger

SPORTZCAST, provider of fully automated, real-time scoreboard data for live streaming, in-venue displays, and other sports applications, will introduce Control Room at 2018 NAB Show (Booth SU5626). Combining RTMP streaming, automated scoring overlay and ad insertions, ALL in a single camera, Control Room is a game changer.

Control Room completely automates scoring data with graphic overlays directly from the venue scoreboard – all in a single AXIS camera and without a PC. In addition, in-camera video ads may be automatically inserted at logical queue points within the broadcast. Control Room utilizes SPORTZCAST’s native integration with Axis Communications’ IP Cameras and the SPORTZCAST Scorebot. The mounted Axis camera, connected and powered solely via a PoE Cat5 cable, handles all encoding functions and scoreboard overlays through Control Room. The integrated solution eliminates the need for external laptops, switchers, or ancillary production equipment. Installed in the venue press boxes, Scorebots receive scoreboard data from each field.

Using SPORTZCAST Control Room, producers upload a custom graphic template into the camera that is combined in the camera with live scoreboard data. The end result is an encoded RTMP 1080p HD video feed with automated graphic score overlays streamed directly from each venue camera.

This innovative and turnkey solution allows for complete coverage of multiple events by a single operator. Utilizing SPORTZCAST Control Room, operators are able to remotely start and stop multiple cameras, control and assign streaming information and design custom graphic overlays – all from a single web interface.

One of the early adopters of the technology has been USA Volleyball. During sanctioned Junior and Adult Indoor and Outdoor National Championship Tournaments, organizers are challenged to cover as many courts with as few on-site staff as possible. To meet the streaming demands of the fan base, USA Volleyball elected to deploy SPORTZCAST Control Room.

“Control Room allows scoreboard data with graphics, and video encoding to be accomplished by software running directly inside the camera,” said Matt Podschweit, Manager of Creative Services for USA Volleyball. “Our initial trial event saw flawless performance from the embedded encoder on each of 4 cameras/courts from which we were streaming. We anticipate streaming as many as 8 courts with significantly improved performance and reliability, all for an annual fee less than the typical cost of the computer and software in our old solution - and all run by a single operator. Without SPORTZCAST, this simply would have not been possible.”

SPORTZCAST will also be providing live workflows demonstrations on the show floor. An universal workflow solution, Control Room simplifies sports graphics overlays for live video production. Graphics may be inserted either at the venue or remotely via the cloud during program distribution. The SPORTZCAST solution provides professional, customizable scoreboard graphics at a fraction of the cost of other complicated systems. This integration puts incredible flexibility at the fingertips of any sports producer, streamlining and automating scoreboard overlay tasks while efficiently delivering a high-quality sports viewing experience.

Representatives from SPORTZCAST will be giving featured demonstrations of the scoring solutions at the booth. A number of partner companies will also be showcasing the Scorebot system. Among those partners are AVID, AXIS, JVC, NewBlueFX, NewTek, Pixellot, Ross, Telestream, and vMix. (4/18)


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