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BRODSTAR Analyzer made by STRYME

STRYME supports ORF with AI-based Stream Comparison

With the BRODSTAR Analyzer made by STRYME as Dolby Licensed Manufacturer, the Austrian video server manufacturer has taken a leap towards artificial broadcast intelligence. Designed for the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF) and introduced together with Dolby Professional Decoder, it received the Dolby approval.

When ORF was looking to step up the quality of its program monitoring by means of signal comparison, according to their own statements STRYME was the only bidder to be able to provide both, the required quality for signal comparisons and a fully- integrated automated solution.

The BRODSTAR Analyzer not only monitors loss of sound and image but automatically compares the quality levels of different transmission signals and sets off an alarm in case of deviations. This 24/7 video and audio comparison of signals is a novelty that is unmatched in the industry. It also presented the main challenge that had to be mastered.

BRODSTAR has been designed as a fully-automatic 24/7 real-time quality monitoring software. STRYME’s industry experts came up with a specially designed algorithm to check, compare and adjust digital delays, time lags, the loss of signals as well as any deviating quality levels. BRODSTAR thus not only detects any loss of sound – like any other monitoring system – it also detects a different type or quality of sound by means of round the clock comparisons. This warrants a seamless, uninterrupted viewer experience, boosting customer satisfaction at the same time with increased broadcast quality. Clemens Czepe, Chief Technical Officer at STRYME, points out the obvious: “Just imagine your viewers glued to the TV during the final live minutes of the UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon Finals or Ice Hockey World Championships – this is not the time when you want to lose a signal or its quality.”

Ulrich Schönfisch, Project Manager at ORF, agrees: In our rapidly changing and highly competitive environment between public service broadcasting, private channels and online streaming services, ORF’s technical efficiency based on optimized failsafe operations is key to the success of the quality programs we offer our viewers.” In tandem with STRYME’s unique GENESIX platform, the BRODSTAR Analyzer significantly increases broadcast quality, availability and failure safety. For broadcasters this means smooth operations and top-notch levels of security while saving time and money. (5/19)


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