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Tools for Live Video and Sports Production

Tools for Live Video and Sports Production

At IBC 2019 3D Storm showcased the latest NewTek and LiveXpert solutions for broadcast, corporate and sports integration over IP. New at the show: Live Story Creator, TriCaster 410 Plus, NewTek Spark converters, LiveCG Broadcast, DELTA-neo N2H and Delta-Stadium.

Live Story Creator is a part of NewTek Premium Access tool pack. It’s a groundbreaking approach to program automation using Microsoft Word. You simply build a script in Microsoft Word with triggers for actions and your show is easily executed once loaded into NewTek Video Production Systems TriCaster or VMC1. Premium Access also includes scalable NDI recording and replay with full synchronization for easy multi-camera production, digital media aspect ratios and frame rates for delivery to digital screens as well as LiveGraphics, NDI KVM, LivePanel, Advance Audio, Virtual PTZ, and more.

TriCaster 410 Plus is the latest addition to the range of TriCaster integrated production systems. TC410 Plus provides 8 external inputs, 4 M/Es, 4 mix outputs, along with NDI integration for video, audio and data transmission over IP. This rack mountable system also includes real-time social media publishing, live streaming, multi-channel recording, video playback, integrated multiviewers, graphics, compositing, virtual sets, audio mixing and much more.

NewTek Spark converters capture video directly from connected cameras or devices for transport over the network as visually lossless. The new addition to the popular line of NewTek Spark converter products is a Spark Plus model with support of resolutions up to 4K UHD, from HDMI-to-NDI with no latency.

LiveCG Broadcast is a stand-alone 1RU device that gives the ability to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional television production, including fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, dynamic data and bitmap sequences. In addition, by using Social Hub software module, LiveCG Broadcast can be connected to most of the social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram® and many more to broadcast messages in real time. It’s the most versatile and cost-effective NDI professional Graphic Titler with Social Media Integration available on the market.

LiveCG Football is a dedicated tool for managing real-time graphic displays during football (soccer) games. As an additional software application to TriCaster/3Play or as an independent turnkey system, LiveCG Football includes all features needed to compose and display full information on stadium big screens it is also used for TV production and Web TV. LiveCG Football now supports Unicode for wider language coverage. LiveCG Football is used by many major clubs and TV stations worldwide.

DELTA-neo N2H, the NDI high bandwidth to HDMI decoder from Deltacast, allows to decode and visualize any NDI® stream on a wide range of HDMI™ displays devices, TV screens and video projectors. The converter automatically detects the NDI® stream format, decodes and converts it to HDMI™ with embedded audio. As opposed to the computer-based system, its hardware-based signal processing ensures stability, low latency and a small form factor (VESA compatible) not previously met on the market. DELTA-neo N2H is the only NDI decoder with industrial grade manufacturing quality and benefits from DeltaCAST expertise in professional broadcast solutions.

Delta-Stadium is a complete turnkey solution to generate and display 2D and 3D graphics for pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions, referee decisions and more. Delta-Stadium includes one sport interface (soccer, rugby, basketball or baseball) and a new generic interface, which allows the user to create custom interfaces.Deltacast has developed a dedicated interface, Delta-Stadium Perimeter, to display signage on Stadium perimeter LED Panels. The project has already proved its success at Groupama Stadium in Lyon, France. Delta Stadium Perimeter is distributed by 3D Storm. (9/19)


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