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TriCaster Advanced Edition upgrade

TriCaster Advanced Edition upgrade

NewTek announced an update to TriCaster Advanced Edition, a software option available for TriCaster 8000, 860, 400 and Mini series. With over 100 operator-centric capabilities requiring no additional hardware, TriCaster Advanced Edition now enables advanced IP workflows.

Among the many new integrated features, this update of TriCaster Advanced Edition implements NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology, letting users work seamlessly with low latency, broadcast-quality video via direct IP integration with other connected devices. TriCaster Advanced Edition now adds four additional external inputs to the current count, and delivers instant access to an almost unlimited number of video and audio sources via IP. Every external input can now receive video from either local hardware connectors or countless NDI video sources. In addition, each SDI, HDMI and analogue video input with audio is simultaneously delivered to the network as an NDI source. Each source is immediately accessible to all other NDI-enabled systems. Further, TriCasters running TriCaster Advanced Edition deliver four fully configurable output channels that can be flexibly assigned to both IP and system hardware outputs. The NDI contributions from each device and system constitute a matrix of high quality sources that can be tapped anywhere on the network, to support all manner of creative and practical production needs.

With NDI, it is possible to exponentially increase the number of sources available for live production, without the need for complex and unwieldy connections between devices, changing locations, or costly investments in high-bandwidth networks that deliver only incremental benefit over traditional SDI workflows.

“TriCaster Advanced Edition creates a true IP workflow, in which any video device can see and work with any other using IP only, clearly illustrating what the future of video production looks like,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “When connected to the same network, all of our tools–production switchers, replay, virtual sets, graphics systems, ingest, capture, and Skype video calling systems–communicate seamlessly to form a powerful integrated production environment. And NDI support extends beyond NewTek-centric pipelines, too.”

According to the company, since the free release of the NDI standard by NewTek, over 200 manufacturers and developers have joined the movement, ensuring that at its launch, this release of TriCaster Advanced Edition integrates smoothly with a massive number of devices.

Further capabilities of TriCaster Advanced Edition software:

With the updated version of TriCaster Advanced Edition, TriCaster 8000, 860 and 460 each receive a full-motion composition engine allowing you to create and store multiple compositions and DVE-style motion sequences on the switcher and every M/E—up to 16 per bus. These COMP presets store every operation performed on the switcher, M/E busses, DSK and KEY layers, supporting instant recall of advanced configurations, including KEY/DSK layer priority (depth), positioning, cropping, transitions, LiveSet effects and more.

Other benefits for TriCaster Advanced Edition users are full-time, full-motion confidence monitors for the switcher and overlay channels built into the switcher; sandbox-style configuration and composition for transfer to the switcher or any M/E with the new PREVIZ bus; and enhanced LiveSet technology supporting real-time animated lens flares that respond to virtual set camera movements.

Increase flexibility and production possibilities with workflow enhancements that include an upgraded audio mixer enabling sophisticated routing and mix-minus configurations, per-channel control of audio input levels, and output to 4 IP-ready, quad-channel busses; a ‘clean’ option for M/E output or archive; streamlined still grab functionality; and direct export to Imgur, LinkedIn,, and Vimeo to share media directly from your production with more social networks. (4/16)


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