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STRYME announced new partnerships

News: IBC 2018

STRYME announced new partnerships

Vienna based server manufacturer expert STRYME recently announced a couple of new partnerships which include ANNOVA, Brainstorm, MainConcept and Ocotpus Newsroom. At IBC 2018 the company presented as well the 9th generation of its flagship product GENESIX VideoServer which offers now a broader variety of ingest options.

The partnership with real-time 3D graphics specialist Brainstorm builds on previous success that optimized the Swiss TELE TOP‘s state-of-the-art studio productions set up and high-availability playout solution for around-the-clock operations – and excellent quality.

“Broadcasters need flexible and future-proof set-ups. Brainstorm is a very experienced and successful player when it comes to graphic solutions. In tandem with STRYME’s innovative video server mindset it gives both of us the edge in developing even more well-integrated workflows”, says Goce Zdravkoski, STRYME CEO and founder.

Taking a look behind the cooperation, Thierry Gonzalo, Brainstorm Product manager, adds: “Brainstorm is renowned for offering its customers the most advanced solutions in the industry. That is why we work closely in collaboration with the media industry's most renowned vendors to ensure that our solutions are effective and comply with our customer’s requirements.

Annova partnership

The partnership with the German company Annova is a result of previous cooperations such as the central broadcast hub and seamless 24/7 channel set up in 2015 for the Swiss Medienhaus Chur and combines the  advantages of the GENESIX VideoServer with ANNOVA’s  newsroom system OpenMedia.

“We decided to partner with STRYME because of their unique skills to optimize and smoothen live, studio and news production workflows with failsafe user-friendly solutions. Our collaboration has proven this time and again,” says Münir Dalkaya, Product Manager, ANNOVA. Broadcasters need flexible and future-proof set-ups. OpenMedia in tandem with STRYME’s innovative mindset gives us the edge in developing even more well-integrated solutions.”

MainConcept partnership

The partnership with codec specialist MainConcept, another German company, leads to multi-codec support like HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and multiplexing as well as packaging for HLS and DASH content to STRYME’s flagship product GENESIX VideoServer, which was presented in version 9 at IBC 2018. MainConcept has licensed their professional HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Part 2 SDKs to STRYME for their broadcast GENESIX VideoServer V9. Supporting up to 16 channels simultaneously, STRYME additionally integrated the MainConcept HLS / MPEG-DASH Multiplexing & Packaging SDKs for OTT content generation, and the MainConcept RTP, RTSP, RTMP Network Server and Client SDKs for receiving and distributing content using this powerful, yet cost-effective, video server.

“The multitude of different MainConcept SDK components cover every aspect of the professional broadcast production workflow ranging from ingest, decoding and processing to encoding and delivery, fulfilling the major requirement of handling every codec and every format in use today,” said Deacon Johnson, SVP Global Sales - Technology Licensing for MainConcept. “Being the driving force under the hood in STRYME’s broadcast video server, with our renowned HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 codec for up to UHD content, provides highest speed in extraordinary quality processing multiple channels in a live scenario.”

Octopus Newsroom partnership

The agreement with Octopus Newsroom centers on the integration of STRYME's GENESIX VideoServer V9 and the Octopus NRCS via the industry standard MOS software protocol. MOS is an evolving protocol for communications between newsroom computer systems and devices such as video servers, audio servers, still stores, and character generators. It is supported and developed through cooperative collaboration between equipment vendors, software producers and broadcasters. "STRYME has gained an excellent reputation for the security, versatility and compactness of its server systems," comments Octopus Newsroom CEO Petr Stokuč. "As a result of this cooperation between the two companies, Octopus operators will gain the ability to control the STRYME's GENESIX VideoServer V9 directly from the newsroom system, allowing fast and efficient ingest from every content source they are likely to encounter. In practical terms that includes SDI, IP, compressed video, cellular feeds from mobile devices, and the rising tide of social media."(9/18)