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Object Matrix Launches Hybrid NAB

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Object Matrix Launches Hybrid NAB

Object Matrix has announced that the latest version of its media focused hybrid cloud object storage solution. MatrixStore 4.1 will be launched at Hybrid NAB 2020. Depending on whether or not the NAB show will be cancelled, Object matrix will host a physical booth presence both on-prem in Vegas, and in its offices based in Cardiff (Wales, UK).

Visitors will be able to visit both booth locations in what will be the world’s first hybrid presence at a tradeshow. In the event of the show being cancelled, sales teams from Object Matrix will continue to visit customers across the USA from the 19th – 22nd April to ensure that momentum continues.
All action from the Cardiff NAB booth will be streamed live including demos, walk by meetings and also interviews with customers and prospects who drop in. Given the location, there will be an abundance of Welsh beer, Whisky and Cheese on offer.

Nick Pearce, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix said: “Face to face time with our customers and partners is very important to us. Shows being cancelled can have a big effect on hundreds of small companies that support the media and entertainment industry so we hope we’ll see a good response to moving our ‘stand’ online. We will be open for business throughout the week of NAB to ensure our customers and prospects continue to learn more about our new product releases including some amazing new features that include, in a timely fashion, features that enable people to better work remotely with their media archives.”

During the show Object Matrix will launch v4.1 of MatrixStore its award-winning object storage platform that enables creative teams to self-serve content both on-prem and remotely ensuring business continuity in the event of a local outage or physical access restrictions.

MatrixStore 4.1 features a number of updates aimed at helping media companies to manage their archive more effectively while keeping content secure and easily discoverable. Updates include the addition of an internal database to enable faster searching of large data sets. It is also now possible to complete a single metadata form to be applied across multiple vaults.

The latest version features enhanced security access controls, making it easier to restrict access for individuals at a very granular level. The audit capability has also been enhanced to make audits much easier to analyse and improve digital content governance.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, commented: “For media organisations, it’s not just about content. Having the right metadata in place is absolutely crucial to ensure discoverability and ultimately this enables video services to be monetised. The latest updates are all aimed at making those workflows more efficient and helping our customers stay in control of their assets.”

MatrixStore Vision 4.1, the browser-based content search and collaboration tool, now includes a full video player making it easy to view content from within the archive. Advanced search enables in-depth metadata analysis from within Vision. MatrixStore Vision now enables sub clipping and partial restore.
Object Matrix is also officially launching the previously showcased Sense platform. Sense is a framework that can deliver monitoring, analytics and statistics to alternative dashboards or that can be used stand alone as the central place to view and analyse how assets are being used.

MatrixStore 4.1 will be demonstrated on the Object Matrix stand (SL5821) at NAB and booth F1-1 in Capital Tower Cardiff from 19th– 22nd April. Object Matrix also welcomes any other local broadcast technology vendors from the Wales and South West England regions to join them. (3/20)