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Facilis Technology at NAB 2016

At NAB 2016, Facilis (Booth SL8811), a supplier of shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will showcase the latest enhancements to its TerraBlock shared storage system for content creation and post production.

Facilis will showcase its latest SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, which it has incorporated within the Hybrid24 and SSD8 products. While the integration of SSD technology significantly increases the available shared bandwidth for heavy 4K+ production workflows, it’s equally important to correctly and efficiently utilize SSD technology in a broadcast or post workflow. By combining the best of traditional spinning disk technology with enterprise-class SDDs, a hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds and gives users the ability to dynamically assign volumes where performance matters most. Most importantly, users never have to waste valuable space on SSDs with persistent data, since spinning HDs in the same enclosure are used for automated offload and mirroring.

About year 2016 James McKenna, VP of Marketing and Pre Sales at Facilis, says: “Our focus continues to be on streamlined workflows and highest system performance and flexibility, with a lower cost of ownership.”

Also showing at NAB will be the newly shipping version of the Facilis FastTracker, a new application designed for cataloging, searching and viewing many media types within Facilis Shared Storage, including all major QuickTime, MP4 and MXF codecs, along with DPX and TARGA image sequences, to name a few. This easy-to-use system includes custom metadata tagging, catalog user permissions, “Boolean” search capability and incremental indexing functionality. FastTracker is a fast way to find, view, and access media in your project. (3/16)