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ZEPLAY replay server with new capabilities

News: NAB Show 2018

ZEPLAY replay server with new capabilities

The ZEPLAY instant replay server from ZEPLAY, LLC has been enhanced with new capabilities that are now available to all current ZEPLAY customers. The new release includes several under-the-hood improvements to performance and ease of use. Unveiled at the 2018 NAB Show, this new release also features the ability to play multiple sequences simultaneously.

ZEPLAY has long been heralded by customers who have praised it for its extremely efficient sequence editor and flexible sequence playback. These new enhancements mean that up to four sequences, each with cross-faded transitions, may be cued, played and controlled in real-time on each of ZEPLAY’s four outputs.

In addition, several new macro functions have been added, including copy and paste operations between sequences and enhancements. These updates increase multitasking efficiencies of ZEPLAY operators at any skill level, allowing them to quickly build highlights packages using content from other sequences and to reduce complicated operations to a single press of a button.

“We really study how people build sequences during live events, because it’s a challenging environment and so much is asked of the operator. They have to be efficient and they have to be able to jump back in and do replays,” said Brandon McKenzie, ZEPLAY’s Co-Founder and Principal Engineer. “In ZEPLAY 4.0, we’ve made sequences even faster and now they can do new things that they could never do before, such as rolling sequences back to back on different outputs.”

ZEPLAY 4.0 software is compatible with every ZEPLAY system in the field today. (4/18)