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second generation 4K Fulcrum AT/12G replay server

News: NAB 2019 launches second generation 4K Fulcrum AT/12G

At NAB 2019 (booth SL3829) will launch its second generation Fulcrum AT/12G 4K instant replay server. Representing one of’s most advanced replay server systems, this new version of’s flagship 4K platform offers broadcast production companies 10 channels in replay mode at 4K resolution and up to 16 channels in replay mode for 3G/HD/SD.

Highlighting its cost-efficiency, the company is offering Fulcrum for USD $60,000 during April 2019. The compact 4K server system enables advanced slow motion and instant replay capabilities as well as direct recording of NLE native video files for editing ‘on site’. Search is available on all recorded channels simultaneously with recording and playing back of 2 channels with transition effects. The automatic creation of clips during instant replays is a proprietary feature, which allows the operator to quickly create highlights/summary packages while working in instant replay mode.

First presented at NAB Show 2018, Fulcrum AT/12G shows the best price/functionality ratio among 4K broadcast grade servers. Initially Fulcrum AT/12G provided 442 (4REC+4SEARCH+2PLAY+FX) configuration for all resolutions (4K/3G/HD), the improved Fulcrum AT/12G not only supports 442 mode for 4K, but also has 662 and 772 (with one physical SDI output) configurations for 3G/HD. This means that the system records 6 or 7 3G/HD channels, plays back 2 channels with the transition effect and simultaneously searches on all 6 or 7 recorded channels.

The increase in the number of channels allowed having SuperMo option. One Fulcrum AT/12G server processes the video signal from up to 3 SuperMotion cameras. Fulcrum AT/12G features include:

  • Unique channel combination for working with 4K and 3G/HD.
  • Support of 4K/3G/HD/1280p formats.
  • Proprietary DMR™ technology enables recording of up to 8 channels with ProRes/AVID DNxHD/XDCAM50/DVCProHD/AVC Intra 100 codecs into NLE native files formats. As such it mitigates content export. For 4K resolution, 3 channels can be recorded using DMR™ technology with ProRes codec.
  • The video material is directly recorded on standard 3.5" SATA hard drives ToolLess/TrayLess installed in 4 DMR™ Racks located on the front panel or on a network attached storage system connected via 10GbE local network.
  • DMR™ technology provides simultaneous recording of both full resolution video files and SD Proxy files, which significantly increases the speed and comfort of editing and MXF XDCAM50 - growing file support.
  • Fulcrum offers a broad set of broadcast options and features: SuperMo, ExtraMo and HyperMo cameras support, 10 GbE replay networking, multi-channel DMR™ ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM50, AVC-100, XAVC, H264 recording and telestrator.
  • Integrated SSD storage capacity of 133 hours of HD video, which can be increased by a factor of four.
  • A built-in Multiviewer features five basic configurations of different numbers of video feeds - displaying video inputs, search channels, and system video outputs. Developed specifically for cramped production environments where space-saving is at a premium, a MultiSkin function allows the operator to use one monitor to display different interfaces: the main GUI interface, Multiviewer or Game Analyzer (telestrator).

Fulcrum is compact and lightweight 4U – 56 cm and 18.5 kg form factor making it ideal for fly-away and OB environments. (3/19)

picture: second generation 4K Fulcrum AT/12G replay server