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DNI Innovation Fund backs Euronews' journalism project

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DNI Innovation Fund backs Euronews' journalism project

Euronews has created an immersive 360 degree video interactive reporting format backed by Google's innovation fund, the Digital News Initiative (DNI).

Euronews announces that it will launch its virtual reality news reporting with funding from the DNI Innovation Fund. The project, under the framework of Google's Digital News Initiative, will see Euronews producing regular multilingual 360 degree interactive videos around international current affairs. Euronews will fully incorporate the video news into its regular production workflow across all of its language editions. The productions will also include virtual reality versions of Euronews' "No Comment" format. These programmes encourage the audience to come up with their own interpretations of the story and embody Euronews' "All Views" Identity.

The DNI fund is a collaboration between Google and European news publishers to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

All Euronews' teams - whether in the main newsroom in Lyon, in offices around Europe, or correspondents worldwide, or the newsroom of its sister channel Africanews, based in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo - will be involved in pioneering the first regular multilingual* 360° interactive video production process at an international news organisation.

Euronews' teams will experiment with various interactive video formats to create a variety of content from "All Views" best suited to users worldwide. A quantitative and qualitative analysis of the collected data will help Euronews acquire a high degree of expertise for a consumer media outlet.

The Google Digital News Initiative chose to fund Euronews 360 in February as one of its 128 selected projects in Europe, and will be a source of financial backing for the Euronews 360 degree video initiative for three years. To secure the long-term financial viability of this development, and to ensure that it becomes an important component of Euronews' digital business portfolio, sales teams will include the Euronews 360 tool in their multi-platform campaign propositions to advertisers.

Duncan Hooper, Editor in chief, digital platforms, comments: "We feel that immersive journalism provides a fresh perspective on news, for our journalists and our audience. 360° interactive reports immerse viewers to give them a greater sense of atmosphere. This sensory experience is also interactive - unlike a conventional report, everyone can choose their point of view.” (7/16)