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Euronews' immersive news reports with Samsung Gear 360

Euronews announced a project to create virtual reality (VR) news content by leveraging the Samsung Gear 360 to provide viewers an immersive experience.

As part of this project, supported by funding from the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, Euronews journalists and its network of correspondents are equipped with a Samsung Gear 360 device and trained to maximise opportunities presented by the new platform.

The immersive journalism puts viewers in command by allowing them to choose the angle they want to watch the news - consumers can change the view of the newscast by using a mouse on a PC or by swiping their mobile screen. Original 360-degree content will include reports on current affairs, culture and sports, as well as sponsored content developed in collaboration with advertising partners.

Olivier de Montchenu, Euronews Sales Managing Director, comments: "Euronews' immersive journalism project is an exciting development that will involve journalists and editors from across the company. Our goal is to develop a sustainable monetisation model for our digital news ecosystem."

According to Euronews, the Samsung Gear 360 is lightweight and easy to use, making it convenient for Euronews reporters to transport while shooting news stories in Europe and around the world. News teams will use the device to capture breaking news and feature stories. The streamlined post-production editing process of content created by the Gear 360 means videos can be published quickly and efficiently for time-sensitive stories.
Duncan Hooper, Euronews Editor in chief, digital platforms, says: "Our goal with our 360 project is to involve journalists from across our operations. The Samsung Gear 360 is intuitive to use and will allow us to create high-quality videos without requiring extensive technical training. Because it is small and lightweight, we can take it with us on any shoot and the simple post production process means that for the first time, we are able to turn around VR content quickly for time-sensitive news events."

The interactive videos and images produced in collaboration with Samsung are available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Furthermore, with virtual reality headsets offering a more advanced viewing experience, there are new opportunities to reach a large audience.

Euronews incorporates the 360-degree news reports into regular workflows and publish content across digital platforms including, YouTube, Facebook and VR sites such as Vrideo. (9/16)